Reviews of Essay Writing Services — How It Goes

Imagine a world where everything is transparent and predictable. Every product you buy, every service you use — provides you with an expected result, and everything always goes as planned. When you need to order essay writing service, you know for sure that you will get a thoroughly written paper meeting all your guidelines and professor’s requirements. With it, you receive a good grade and prove your good academic knowledge.

But wait. This is the perfect world that has never existed, and you cannot know beforehand what you will get from the chosen provider. You may get an unexpectedly excellent result or spend money on getting an essay entirely inconsistent with your guidelines. So how to make sure the paper you’ve ordered will be of high quality?

Well, where there’s a will, there’s a way. You can use our help — an essay writing services reviewing company as we try to objectively rate websites offering custom academic help on the Net. With our efficient criteria system, all these providers are evaluated and judged based on more than one criterion. They need to be able to compose works of different levels of complexity, writing formats, volumes, and academic requirements. For this purpose, they need to have a team of experts who possess necessary researching, writing, and editing skills to work on any tasks assigned to them. After being reviewed, each of these companies is given a particular amount of stars.

Today, the essay writing industry is rapidly developing, and more and more students search for quality essay writing services in various search engines. But companies offer different prices, guarantees, and quality. As far as every student who needs writing help wants to get the best quality for their money, they strive to find reviews from the clients that would ease the choice for them. So, this is exactly what we do — make objective essay reviews to help you make the best choice!

Our Mission

We aim at finding different writing services online and estimating how they perform to help you choose a trustworthy companion for crafting your essay. To do this, our team not only reads the info on the companies revised but also orders a paper from them to have a first-hand experience of working with these services.

Please note that we do not accept any payments from these companies to improve their ratings. This is completely at odds with our revision policy. You can be sure the number of stars we assign to one or another service is based on the real experience of cooperation with this company. You have to know the truth about the service you may get, so we do our best to make a comprehensive review of each of the services we’ve found.

Now, when you’ve understood our mission, we want to tell how we revise the writing help providers and how we help you select the best of the best!

Our Criteria

Every provider we take into consideration passes a thorough essay review by the number of different criteria.

The age of the company

There are a lot of new companies under our close monitoring that do not have a long history behind them. Due to their age, they are expected to provide better services than their older counterparts as the competition always creates the need for high quality and innovation. Also, new organizations strive to attract customers; thus, they offer more affordable prices than older competitors. But, there are also companies that have been on the market for a long time. They tend to have a more experienced team of writers and a pool of loyal customers who may give a lot of feedback on their work. Therefore, such companies seem to be more trustworthy for students. As for our reviewing website, we tell you about the age of each and let you choose what suits you best.

Company’s website

Design of a website speaks louder than it may seem. A site needs to be convenient for a user; that’s why we can lower the rating of a company that has:

  • a poor web design
  • hard-to-use order form
  • inconvenient navigation
  • unaccessible online chat
  • unobvious price calculator
  • no blog

Price policy

Prices mean a lot to students. Therefore, we carefully learn the price per page of the companies that offer writing services and compare them with the cost average to the market. Seeing as the cost of the services is the most important criterion for most of the clients, we give a higher rating to those services that keep a balance between quality results and student-friendly prices.

Personal experience

Companies may promise anything, but sometimes, those are just words. Thus, we think the best way to choose the writing service is to make an order on our own to check if their promises correspond to the real quality of the paper. We want to make the writing help providers show their true face, so we ask them to write an essay in specific terms and check if they prepare it before the deadline. The result we get dramatically influences the final rate we give them.

Considering all these parameters, every company gets a certain rate so that you could get an idea of what service is more trustworthy and what is less. When the rate is low, it doesn’t mean that a provider should be avoided at all, and you can try using one of the low-rated services. But we recommend not to risk and choose a company that you can be sure about.

We believe that with our help, you do not have to bother choosing who is the best provider on your own. We do our best so that you could get a perfect essay worthy of getting a good grade. Visit our website and read our essay reviews to make the choice of writing help providers much easier!